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World Series Game 1: Philadelphia Philles @ New York Yankees, 7:57 PM

As much as you might hate the Yankees, as much as you might hate the Phillies, as much as you might not even want to watch this World Series, remember that there are those out there who have it worse than us, at least tonight. For one second, imagine that you are a Cleveland Indians fan. Yeah, I feel sorry for those dudes.

That being said, this should be a hell of a game. CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee didn't win the Cy Young in back-to-back years for no reason. They're also apparently BFF, which is sort of cute.

The Yankees and Phillies last met in the World Series in 1950, a matchup that included 8 future Hall of Famers, including 23 year-old future Oriole Robin Roberts. The Yankees swept the series as their pitching staff allowed just 3 runs the entire series.

If you're in the mood to shake your head in disbelief, check out the headline at Pinstripe Alley today: "Finally! Our World Series Wait is Nearly Over" I read the article just in case, but the writer doesn't appear to be using irony in any way.

Let's play ball! I'm ready to get the hot stove cooking and that can't happen until this series is over.