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Thursday Bird Droppings

<a href="">Your Off-Season O of the Day: Dennis Sarfate</a>
Your Off-Season O of the Day: Dennis Sarfate

Lee, Utley lead Phillies over Yankees in Game 1, 6-1

     The Phillies beat the Yankees. And there was just a little more joy in the world. -duck

O's head to offseason market with quite a list

     Andy MacPhail and his staff have got some work to do in a free agent market that probably doesn't provide answers to most of the teams questions. -duck

Marylanders have enjoyed Series stage

     Plenty of Maryland natives have done well in the World Series. Here's a reflection upon this fact. -duck

O's Fans Will Likely Pull for Phils 

     O's fans in York County, PA, are finding themselves pulling for the Phillies over the Yankees in this year's World Series. They also don't enjoy pulling the wings off of flies and stabbing small animals. I think. The article doesn't really get into that. -duck

Dennis Sarfate knows his time may be up

     He's out of options, he didn't set the world on fire last season, and the Orioles have to set a 40-man roster soon. Dennis Sarfate wants to stay with Baltimore, but knows he may be a Rule V draftee. -duck

Jason Berken , Mentally Tough

     Steve Melewski finally runs out of material. And it was only Oct. 28. -duck

O's to hold Nov. fanfest in Sarasota 

     "The Orioles will celebrate their new spring training home by holding a free "Family Fanfest" from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Nov. 14 at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, Fla." I'm hoping in the chemical-free area of the complex. -duck

Reality Show in Works About 'Die-Hard Nationals Fans' - DCist

     I mean, really? This just makes me sad. The idea is to make the reality show around the insane Nationals players, not the sad sack Nationals fan. -Stacey

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