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Saturday Bird Droppings

O's give Trembley another season -
"The Orioles announced Friday night that they will pick up Trembley's option for the 2010 season, a surprising development that ends weeks of speculation that heightened with each Orioles loss." I'm sure there will be a difference of opinion on this. Feel free to use this space. - duck

Orioles batter Blue Jays, give Trembley added bonus -
"With the victory, the Orioles (62-98) need one more win in their final two games against Toronto to avoid the third 100-loss season in their history." Michael Aubrey had 6 RBI, Matt Wieters added a 3-run HR of his own, and except for a certain pitcher who shall not be named aside from Soccer Mom Butt, it was a good night all around. - duck

Orioles applaud Trembley news --
"I like it. He has been put in a tough situation with injuries," right fielder Nick Markakis said of the decision to pick up Trembley's option. "This is the most young guys we have had come up at one time in a while. He has managed them well. Protected them well. Did his job. And next year, we will try to make the team better and go from there." I'm sure Dave thanks you for the vote of confidence, Nick, but if you ever write your autobiography, hire a ghost writer. - duck

Really cool promotions to close out 2009 -
"The last series of the 2009 season is filled with promos and giveaways for fans who come out to the Yard for the last three games of O's baseball this weekend." Free tankards, random fans getting player uniform shirts, random fans take the field with an Orioles player for the National Anthem, and more cool stuff. - duck

Jim Johnson really, really needs to fix his fastball -
"From Roch: "On this date, the Orioles can't count on him to close in 2010. He'll be in the mix if they don't sign or trade for a proven veteran, but he'll have a heavy responsibility no matter his role. And he'll need a fastball to match it." Yup, he sure will, Roch. He sure will. - duck

O's on Deck: O's minor leaguers in '09 -- Second basemen
"With (Ryan) Adams out of the picture, Tides second baseman Justin Turner earns the top spot in my rankings following his first year with the organization." - duck

Ha ha! You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders! The most famous is never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less well-known is this: never go in against an Open Thread when death is on the line!