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GameThread #162: Blue Jays @ Orioles, 1:35 PM

Melvin Mora: Playoff hero and world class bunter. 

(Image courtesy of Associated Press)
Melvin Mora: Playoff hero and world class bunter. (Image courtesy of Associated Press)

Jeremy Guthrie finishes what he started six months ago as he pitches the final game of the season for the Orioles. Today we say goodbye to Brian Bob and Nicky and the Switch Hitting Jesus for six months, and we say goodbye to Memlo forever.

One year, maybe soon, I won't look forward to the season ending. I can't really imagine it though. The only emotion I can remember feeling at the end of the baseball season is relief, although that relief usually only lasts a short time and then I'm ready for the season to start again and have to wait about 5 months.

Being a baseball fan, especially of a losing team, is hard work. Sticking with a team for 162 games played over a span of 180 days can be brutal if the team is say, losing 13 in a row. For a lot of us it's a way of life where most evenings we get home from work, have something to eat, watch the game, go to bed, get up and go to work, and then do it all over again. When things are going poorly we don't have a week between games to decompress and analyze and forget about it.

I'll have a lot to say about the Orioles 2009 season and the future soon enough, but for now I just want to thank you all for making this website and community what it is. This group is intelligent, funny, and passionate, and getting through an Orioles season would be next to impossible without you. I hope you'll all stick around for the off season as we see what moves the O's make in their quest to return to respectability.

One thing I've learned from television is that when a season is finished, it's really appropriate to have a season ending montage set to music. Sadly I have no such montage of the Orioles, so instead enjoy this one from season one of The Wire. (warning there are two curses within the first 10 seconds, but after that you're good to go)

Let's Go O's! We want the SWEEEEEEP!