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The French say, "Au revoir..."

OK, so I haven't even been here for the majority of the second half of the season (vast majority, in fact), but if I didn't say something, well, that'd just be rude.

I decided a couple of months ago that this would be my final season at Camden Chat. Part of it is due to commitment to boxing blogging for SBN. If I half-assed that, I'd be half-assing this, so I've decided to full-ass one thing. That combined with my getting married in August took up my time this summer, and luckily there was a great team of O's fans willing to take over for me. So before I really get going on my B.S. here, I'd like to sincerely thank Stacey, duck, zknower and everyone else that filled in for me for the second half of '09, and for providing so much help over the five seasons that CC has existed.

I won't get all ridiculous about leaving, because CC is in great hands. Stacey is officially taking my spot, and I couldn't be giving the keys to a better driver. I wanted to make sure that Camden Chat stayed within Camden Chat, instead of an outside O's blogger coming in, not because I have anything against anyone, but this is a unique fan community, and I wanted someone that knew its quirks. Obviously, Stacey is overqualified in that area.

Camden Chat started as a blog with no readers. I had my own, tiny sports blog that about five of my friends occasionally read, and SBN contacted me to see if I'd like to blog about the Orioles. It's been a lot of fun, and I would've never had as much fun with it as I did if it weren't for everyone that read, commented, contributed, and shared the pain of the Mazzilli-Perlozzo-Trembley years.

So thank you to everybody here at CC for tolerating me over the years, and here's hoping the O's put together a team that can match the passion of the diehard fanbase sometime soon.