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Thursday Bird Droppings

There are just two days left to vote in the Mobbies and Camden Chat has been in 2nd place since day one. Let's make an eleventh hour push, y'all. Or have you embraced a losing culture?!?!

Just shy of 50 - All the Players in O's uniforms this year

 "Did you know the Orioles used 48 different players in 2009, including 27 pitchers, nine infielders, eight outfielders and four catchers? Well, they did." Roch has more fun with rosters and stats. -duck

Wieters snubbed for AL Rookie of the Month

 Apparently, hitting .362 with 3 HR and 14 RBI wasn't enough to trump a player who appeared in just four games. But Oakland pitcher Brett Anderson won AL Rookie of the Month for September, not The Deity. I guess AL MVP for the next six years will have to suffice, Matt. -duck

Answer Man: Cal Ripken talks TBS, playoffs and Orioles Magic

 When asked how he reacts when O's fans ask him to buy the team, Cal Ripken says "I'm flattered with that question most ... all of the time [laughs]. I look at it as flattering because they care about their team. I think some good things are happening with the Orioles right now, but I think some of the old faithfuls want a return to the Oriole Way." He goes on to say when he retired, he said he'd be a family man until both kids were in college. Daughter Rachel is now a 10th grader. Three years, people, three years away from the Cal Ripken era of Orioles ownership. -duck

A Baseball Fan Who Knows His Signs

 Awesome, but brief, story about how Brooks Robinson touched the heart of a deaf baseball fan with his surprise use of sign language. Seems Brooksie grew up down the street from a school for the deaf, and picked up sign language along the way. -duck

The Schmuck Stops Here: You decide O's grades

Peter Schmuck wants to know how you would grade the O's. I wouldn't use a curve, myself. -duck

O's on Deck: O's minor leaguers in '09 - Shortstops

"(Pedro) Florimon earns the top spot because he played well during the early part of the season. The 22-year-old infielder represented the Single-A Frederick Keys in the California/Carolina League All-Star Game." -duck

Aubrey Huff: Still not a winner

"When they were traded to contenders this summer, former Orioles Aubrey Huff and George Sherrill looked like they were shoe-ins for a playoff appearance. But as Sherrill prepares to don a Dodgers uniform for a divisional series game against the Cardinals, Aubrey Huff is headed home to watch the playoffs for the 10th consecutive season." -duck

O's sign player from Guatemala -

 "No player from Guatemala has ever made the Major Leagues and Hernandez is just the seventh to ever sign with a big league club." Maybe Guatemala will be the new Aruba. -Stacey

Thanks to the Fans & the O's Xtra Crew from Jim Hunter

"Dozens of hard working professionals allow us to push the envelope and strive to give the O's fans an entertaining product. Rick Dempsey and I are in the forefront, being on camera for the broadcasts, but it is the dedicated work of the crew that allows us have fun, and entertain the fans. It takes hours of planning and editing and producing to bring the shows to the fans each game." -duck

Attachment is forbidden. Possession is forbidden. Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is essential to a Open Thread's life. So you might say, that we are encouraged to love.