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GameThread: 2009 Division Series Day 2


Rockies @ Phillies - 2:37 EDT (Phillies lead 1-0)

The Rocks and Phils get the early game again today, and Philadelphia isn't happy about it. Sorry about that guys, guess you should have drawn an opponent in a better market.

The Phillies triumphed in game 1 with Cliff Lee going the distance and allowing just one run on 6 hits. They'll try to go up 2 games to none tonight with Cole Hamels on the mound vs. Aaron Cook.

Cardinals @ Dodgers - 6:07 EDT (LA leads 1-0)

St. Louis ace Chris Carpenter was no match for Matt Kemp and the Dodgers as the Cards fell to the Dodgers 5-3. Randy Wolf got out of an early jam and held on for the win, and Flat Breezy shut 'em down for 0.2 innings.

Tonight Adam Wainwright gets the ball as the Cards try to tie the series 1-1. He'll face off against Clayton Kershaw. Should we take bets on how many times Albert Pujols gets IBB'd?

Red Sox @ Angels - 9:37 EDT (Game 1)

The Angels will try to change their ways against the Red Sox as they meet in the playoffs for the 5th time. They have just a 4-13 record against the Red Sox in postseason and have never won a series.

Jon Lester and John Lackey are the starting pitchers tonight. The Angels won the season series 5-4.