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GameThread: Friday's AL Division Series


The NL teams have the day off as they travel to either Colorado or St. Louis for games 3 and 4.

Twins @ Yankees - 6:07 PM (New York leads 1-0)
The Twins will send Nick Blackburn to face the Yankees lineup in an effort to tie the series 1-1. Although most of the baseball loving population wants the Twins to defeat the Yankees, we all also know it's unlikely. Let's go Twins! A.J. Burnett isn't all that scary. Plus Jorge Posada is mad at him. If a True Yankee is mad at a New Yankee, doesn't it seem likely that that universe would intercede to ensure the New Yankee suffers mightily? I think that's how the legend goes.

Red Sox @ Angels - 9:37 PM (Los Angeles leads 1-0)
If you listened to Buck Martinez last night then you know the reason the Angels won game 1 is because John Lackey and Jeff Mathis have a good relationship while Jon Lester and Victor Martinez barely know each other. JASON VARITEK WILL YOU PLEASE STEP UP AND SAVE RED SOX NATION?