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Bird Droppings: O's claim Gabino, Mora's hard at work, and Hayden Penn still has life.

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O's claim righty Gabino off waivers from Twins
Armando Gabino, 26, went 6-4 with three saves in a 38 games (seven starts) for Triple-A Rochester in 2009, and had a 17.18 ERA in two appearances for the Twins. -duck

Melvin's working on his versitality
Ken Rosenthal is live blogging from the GM Meetings and reports that Melvin Mora is training at other positions this off season to increase his marketability. -Stacey

Rays decline ZAUN's option
I guess his Z-Game wasn't good enough. -Stacey

Marlins giving Penn another look 
The Marlins have added Hayden Penn back to their 40 man roster. They must see something in him if they're worried about him getting selected in the Rule 5 draft. -Stacey

Police search for kidnappers of Victor Zambrano's mother 
The kidnappers still haven't contacted anyone regarding ransom. Even more horrifying is the news that Zambrano's cousin was kidnapped and killed nine days ago. -Stacey

DuPuy: MLB competitive balance working 
MLB President Bob DuPuy says some ridiculous things (Competitive balance has been a hallmark of the entire tenure of Commissioner Selig) and some interesting things (We need a world-wide Draft). A good read. -Stacey

Red Sox keep Victor Martinez - Salt Lake Tribune
The Red Sox picked up Victor Martinez's option and declined Jason Varitek's. -Stacey

Eight questions for baseball executives - ESPN
As the hot stove season gets under way, surveys executives in the game on eight notable questions that will play out in the coming weeks. -Stacey

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