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Saturday Bird Droppings: Orioles Links and News.

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Sherrill Trade Looks Even Better for O's
Analysis on Josh Bell, Steve Johnson, and plenty of good vibes about the O's future. -Stacey

U.S. and Cuba look to bridge gap through baseball
Peter Angelos tells the Associated Press that he hopes to take the team to Cuba next year for an exhibition. Because moving to a new Spring Training home isn't enough of a distraction from routine. -duck

Uggla doesn't want to change positions
While everyone seems to be buying Dan Uggla plane tickets to Baltimore and a third baseman's glove, Uggla's agent says his client will resist any move away from second base. -duck

GM Dombrowski says Tigers won't pursue Aubrey Huff
Shocker. -Stacey

Ken Griffey, Jr. Has Spent Four Decades With Mariners (Sort Of) - SB Nation
Now that The Kid has resigned with the Mariners, he will have played with the team in four different decades. He turns 40 in a few days. Seems a long time since he played in the M's outfield with his dad back in the late 1980s. -duck

The worst football game ever? - Joe Posnanski
"There are, officially, six rivalries in the NFL." And he doesn't list Ravens-Steelers as one of them. Yet another reasons why I think Pos is more hack than talent. What do you guys see in his writing that I'm missing? -duck

Excuse me, duck, Joe Posnanski is NOT a hack, and saying so is pretty much a bannable offense. First of all, he says in the article that he's not including modern rivalries. Considering the Ravens have existed since 1996, that seem to fit the bill. Second of all, what I see in his writing is his brilliance. For examples, see:  here, here, and here. And those are just a few of many. -Stacey