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Monday Bird Droppings

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Orioles get big surprise: a very warm welcome | 
"That was cool,'' Baltimore Gold Glove winner Adam Jones said, "but it's too much for me. I'm laid back and low key.'' Jones, then, should love his new spring home, particularly if its people, both residents and visitors alike, engage in the level of bird watching witnessed Saturday. A meet and greet at The Ed the Orioles hoped would attract 1,000. An estimated 2,500 showed up. Looking around, Jones knew he wasn't in Lauderdale any more. "Nobody cares about baseball over there,'' the Baltimore centerfielder said. "I think this is more people than came to all of our games.'' - The FanFest was reported yesterday, but here's a refreshing take on it. Nice to see fans clamoring to see the O's -zk

Critics of baseball in Sarasota County suing over e-mails | 
And yet some folks still reeeeeeaaaaaally don't want the Orioles in Sarasota. -zk

Free-agent watch: Good year to go bargain-hunting - Chris Bahr, Sporting News - MLB - Sporting News
Free agency officially starts Friday. Here's TSN's take on the pickings. -zk

Keys Donate $375,000 To Local Causes - OurSports Central - Independent and Minor League Sports News
rederick, MD - The Frederick Keys, Class-A Affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, are proud to announce that in partnership with its marketing colleagues and fans, have donated $375,000 to local charities, causes and schools in 2009. -zk

Odds look good for O's return to Cuba --
Schmuck waxes nostalgic about the last time and likes Angelos' chances of making another Cuba trip happen. -zk

MASN Online: One Liners from Lunch with Dave Trembley
Dave has his share of witticisms, including my fave: "The toughest three outs to get in Yankee Stadium are the six you have to get." -zk

You see, there's a certain amount of life wisdom I give these boys. I can expand their minds. Sometimes when I've got a ballplayer alone, I'll just read Emily Dickinson or Walt Whitman to him, and the guys are so sweet, they always stay and listen. 'Course, a guy'll listen to anything if he thinks it's Open Thread.