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Tuesday Bird Droppings

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Orioles FanFest in Sarasota
Heath from Dempsey's Army attended the Sarasota FanFest and gave a great account. Sounds like the Birds are going to have a lovely new home. -Stacey

Reds Re-Sign Ramon Hernandez
I guess they like him better than the O's did. Plus they don't have Matt Wieters. -Stacey Bell, Snyder Upgrade On Defense
Great article by Ben Badler on the Bell and Snyder and their improving defense. -Stacey

Winter Leagues: Arizona Fall League: Statistics | Events
Speaking of Bell and Snyder, they continue to rake in the AFL. Sure, it's just the AFL, but it's nice to see both guys among the league leaders in hitting. It's better than both of them sucking in the AFL, right? -zk

If I Were a Rich Man: On the Baltimore Orioles | FanGraphs Baseball
Carson Cistulli at FanGraphs points out that the Orioles are starting the offseason with only $40M committed to payroll, and they are in a position to spend, spend, spend. He'd start by throwing a butt-ton of dinero at Nick Johnson.-zk

PressBox: Trembley Warns Pitchers: 'Get Tough'
As soon as he found out he would return in 2010, Trembley began the process of speaking to core players, guys like Markakis, Jones and second baseman Brian Roberts, to set the stage for what he hopes will occur next season....The skipper pointedly called out his starting pitchers, telling them he expected them to be physically ready to pitch when spring training begins in February in Sarasota, Fla. He also put on-the-bubble guys like right-handers Matt Albers (whose conditioning has been called into question) and Dennis Sarfate (recovering from injuries) on notice that they have to pitch better. -zk

SimonOnSports: Blogging the Offseason: Baltimore Orioles
Jeff from ROR answers 10 off-season Qs about the Os.-zk
Injury updates on Reimold, 3E1N, and Dr. Jones. -zk

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