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Thursday Bird Droppings - Orioles News and Links

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In Baseball, Money Loads the Bases -

   One reader offers his reasons for frustration with baseball's economic model. -duck

Report: Jauss to be Mets' bench coach | News

   Dave Jauss, a former bench coach for the Orioles and Dodgers, will be hired to fill the same position by the Mets,, citing Major League sources, reported on Tuesday. -duck

The Schmuck Stops Here: Orioles: Making sense of today's roster moves

   That leaves a few recognizable players exposed to the Rule 5 Draft -- including shortstop Blake Davis and recently acquired pitcher Steve Johnson -- and leaves room to question why certain journeyman-type players are still on the 40-man. The Orioles kept pitcher Chris Waters, for instance, even though he didn't seem to be on the radar when the Orioles needed help at several points last season. -duck

Nationals name ex-Orioles manager D. Johnson advisor 

   Davey Johnson, the Orioles' former All-Star second baseman who was the last manager to lead the club to a winning season, has taken a job with the Washington Nationals. Johnson, 66, will be a senior advisor to general manager Mike Rizzo. -duck

Arizona Fall League recap -- Nov. 18

   Pretty good night for the O's in the AFL. -Stacey

Remembering Corey Patterson’s Bright Spot 

   Corey Patterson used to be looked on fondly, doncha know. -Stacey

Mike Scioscia and Jim Tracy Are Managers of the Year -

   This year’s managers of the year were runaway winners: Jim Tracy of the Colorado Rockies and Mike Scioscia of the Los Angeles Angels. -Stacey

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