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Monday Bird Droppings

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Off-Season O of the Day: Mike Devereaux
Off-Season O of the Day: Mike Devereaux

Rodriguez, Yankees beat Phils for 3-1 Series edge - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
The Phillies are junk. -Stacey

Even Canadians know about 0-21
Stephen Ripley of the Winnipeg Sun names the Orioles 0-21 start to the 1988 season the 2nd worst start in sports history. -Stacey

AFL Update from Dean Jones, Jr.
Josh Bell is just 2 for his last 22, but Eddie Gamboa had a perfect inning. -Stacey

Cubs become first American major pro sports club with openly gay owner
"Laura Ricketts, a lesbian who now becomes the first out individual to own a professional sports team, according to According to, Laura, who lives in Chicago, is a member of the board of Lambda Legal, a national organization fighting for gay rights—including same sex marriage." So there's that. I seriously doubt most Cubs fans will care one way or another. -duck

Five Cuts on Hamels' key breakdown and Phillies' hitting woes
SI baseball writer Tom Verducci explains why throwing Andy Pettitte a curveball in his 1st AB may be one of the dumbest things he's ever seen. -duck

Attention Rex Manning fans, to your left you will notice a shoplifter being chased by night manager, Lucas. This young man will be caught, deep fried in a vat of hot oil and served to our first hundred customers. Just another tasty treat from the gang at Open Thread.