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World Series Game 5: Yankees @ Phillies (NYY leads series 3-1), 7:57 PM

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I have to say that I've pretty much lost interest in the World Series. I fell asleep during the game last night and missed all of the late inning action. I don't normally feel that way, I guess it just appears the outcome is inevitable. I'll be watching tonight, because that's what I do. I watch the World Series. Plus I really enjoy the hell out of watching Cliff Lee pitch. But I feel a complete and utter lack of emotion. I want the Phillies to win Yankees to lose but I know they won't. I prefer rooting for the American League because the National League is stupid, but I'm not capable of doing that this year.

What I really want is to see what Andy MacPhail does this offseason. I want to see the 2010 team take shape, I want trades and free agent signings. I want to see what Cub we end up with this offseason. I want the winter meetings to start and I want rumors about what might happen. I also want to watch The Office and 30 Rock in real time. I want Joe Buck out of my life. None of that can happen until the World Series is over.

But I don't want it to end tonight.

A.J. Burnett starts on short rest tonight as did C.C. Sabathia yesterday. Burnett has made 4 regular season starts on short rest. He did so three times in 2008 for the Blue Jays and once for the Marlins in 2004. Not bad numbers, really, although if he allows three runs that will probably be enough for Cliff Lee to get the win.

There's not really anything to be said about Lee that hasn't already, so I'll just leave you with a link to his postseason numbers.