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Friday Bird Droppings - Orioles News and Links

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Knocking Their Sox Off - SI Vault (10/17/83)
Real Orioles don't pout. Real Orioles don't gloat. Real Orioles just win. -Stacey

"That's when they started baseball, so everybody was debuting."  - Matt Wieters on Baltimore having five rookie pitchers win their big league debuts in 2009, the most in a season since the 1888 Chicago White Stockings had six. Is that a personality I'm seeing, Mr. Wieters? -Stacey

Baseball Video Highlights & Clips | A look at the Arizona Fall League Championship Game - Video | Multimedia
Jonathan Mayo goes Around The Minors, talking about the Arizona Fall League Championship Game. Stephen Strasburg, despite a stiff neck, is expected to start for the Devil Dogs and go about five innings. It's video from MLB, so have headphones ready at work or school. -duck

Shocker! Brandon Erbe is glad to be on the 40-man roster!
"Even though he has a splint on his right pinky finger that ended his time in the Arizona Fall League early, Wednesday was a good day for pitcher Brandon Erbe. The Baltimorean and life-long O's fan from McDonogh High made the Orioles' 40-man roster for the first time." Well, being that this was the first year the O's had to protect him, I guess it would be the first time he'd be happy about being on the 40-man. -duck

Seattle Times -Baltimore possibly targeting Bedard as FA
"Also, Jeff Zrebiac of the Baltimore Sun, who is one of the best beat writers around, lists Erik Bedard as a free agent likely to be targeted by the Orioles. Wouldn't that be the final dagger, for the Orioles to get Adam Jones, an All-Star year from George Sherrill and then a trade package for him, Chris Tillman, et al -- and then potentially reap the benefits of a healthy Bedard. Ouch." Sorry, but this just makes me all happy inside. -duck

10 free agents O's may target
"Baseball's free-agent signing period begins Friday, and the Orioles have money to spend and holes to fill. Here are some free agents that they will consider." And guess who's first - our favorite French-Canadian left-handed pitcher. Yeah, this is the article the Seattle guy links to. -duck

O's will wait on Hendrickson negotiations
"While the Orioles remain interested in re-signing pitcher Mark Hendrickson, a deal will not get done during the team's exclusive negotiating window." Sure, just carry out the suspense even longer! Won't someone think of the children? -duck

O's positioned to be buyers in free agency
"With a down economy, multiple teams crying poor and little money invested in future payrolls, the Orioles are arguably in a better financial position this offseason than they have been in more than a decade." In a year with the worst FA class in a decade, too. Oh, goody. -duck

Santa is coming to Salisbury at Shorebirds' stadium
"The Delmarva Shorebirds would like to announce that Santa will be at Arthur W. Perdue Stadium on Saturday, December 5, 2009 from 10 AM-12 PM as part of the Cookies with Claus event." Great event, but that team needs a new PR writer. -duck

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