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Saturday Bird Droppings - Orioles News from Around the Web

Unbroken Spirit - SI Vault (03/16/98)
From the SI archives, the amazing story of Eric Davis. It's not in this story because it would happen later, but the saddest thing to me about Eric Davis is how much he wanted to return to Baltimore in 1999 but the Orioles didn't have any interest. And don't talk to me about he wasn't very good after 1998, because I'm irrational. -Stacey

O's expected to take deliberate approach
Andy MacPhail? Deliberate? Surely you jest. -Stacey

MSA performs maintenance on OPACY
An update on what exactly is being renovated at Camden Yards. Also can I say that I'm pretty sure I'm totally jealous of Kate Wheeler. -Stacey

Brewers taking a look at Halama
Does it seem bizarre to anyone else that there is someone out there who still writes an entire article about John Halama? -Stacey

Comparing Third Basemen
Dempsey's Army takes a look at the options and determines that Ty Wigginton or Scott Moore would be preferable alternatives to any of the FA options for 3B. -Stacey

Markakis takes 21 kid patients to Ravens practice
How much do I love Nick Markakis? -Stacey

The Red Sox LUV Scott Boras
They've inquired about Matt Holliday, Adrian Beltre, Mike Gonzalez, and Rick Ankiel. -Stacey

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