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Free Agent Pitching -- Can MacPhail Change the O's Fortune?

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With all the talk about the Orioles picking up a FA starting pitcher -- ideas range from an innings-eater to an ace to an older guy who'd be a good mentor -- it's worth noting that the Orioles haven't signed a starting pitcher as a free agent in quite some time who had much impact on the team at all. In fact, of all of the starting pitchers the Orioles have signed as FAs in the past 20 years, the most starts made by any is 66 (Jamie Moyer from 1993-1995). Since 2000, only Pat Hentgen and Koji Uehara have put up an ERA+ of above 100. The best FA pitcher of the last 20 years is easily Kevin Brown, but he only spent one year with the Birds. Jimmy Key's 2 years were pretty good. But after that it goes downhill fast.

I know that the past doesn't dictate the future, and I know that when a team is lousy pretty much every year it stands to reason there won't be a lot of talent in the starting rotation or FA pitchers beating down the door to play in Baltimore. But that's a pretty bleak list, don't you think?