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Friday Bird Droppings

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Organizational report: Orioles' rebuilding process done -
When USA Today says your rebuilding process is over, then you know it must be the truth! All snark aside, this is a nice overall review of where the O's are. -zk

Buster Olney: Baltimore Orioles are positioned to make a few acquisitions that could make them an AL East contender in the next couple of years - ESPN
As was mentioned in the Open Thread yesterday, Buster Olney has an O's column for those of you who subsccribe to Insider. I would actually pay the lousy $40, but I don't want to have to deal with ESPN The Magazine cluttering up my mail every week. -zk

Orioles active when it comes to giving | News
Like other MLB teams, the O's do a lot of charity work. Did you know that the Dipper plays Santa Claus every year? -zk

Hot Stove Blog: Royals exec tries to cool talk about Bedard
"Erik Bedard, the injured warrior late of the Mariners, was linked to Kansas City by which reported the Royals were 'going hard' after the free-agent left-hander. 'He's certainly a name we've talked about and will continue to talk about,' said Royals assistant general manager J.J. Picollo, 'but I think that's probably an overstatement.'.....I'm glad to hear it. -zk

Meanwhile, those of you who, like me, feel that the crap that gets published at Bleacher Report is, um, crap, here's some fuel for your fire. This article published on Wednesday at B/R states that KC has already signed Bedard! Now that's interesting, because a full day later, there's no information about such a signing on the Royals' website, or in the Kansas City Star. Oopsies. -zk

Sox's spring schedule doesn't include Yanks | | The News-Press
"Sox's spring schedule doesn't include Yanks". Somehow, that's the lede in a story about the release of the Sox ST schedule. Go figure. Anyway, I clipped it because, even though the O's haven't announced their ST schedule yet, the Sox's schedule shows that the Birds will play the PHN five times next Spring. Just reaping the rewards of Ed Smith Stadium's proximity to some other teams. -zk

Andruw Jones, White Sox agree to 1-year deal --
Andruw Jones agreed Wednesday to a $500,000, one-year contract with the Chicago White Sox. The baseball world shrugged in response. -zk

 Baseball lawsuit can go forward
It's getting ugly down in Florida, where two groups trying to stop the Orioles' Spring Training deal have won their first court battle to get a hearing about missing governmental records. This is still a long way from over, folks. -duck

The Canadian Press: Former Major Leaguer Sammy Sosa sued for $203,000 in Dominican court
"Sammy Sosa is being sued for US$203,000 by a businessman in the Dominican Republic who says the former major-leaguer owes him for - among other things - commission on a house sale." -duck

Oh, my! Omir honored
"The Mets' award drought ended in bizarre fashion yesterday with catcher Omir Santos' inexplicable selection to the prestigious Topps Rookie All-Star Team over the Orioles' Matt Wieters." Even the New York Post can't figure out why Matt Wieters didn't get the award. -duck

Winter of his content: Ray making strides
Chris Ray is sure he'll be better in '10 and hopes the O's give him the chance to prove it. -Stacey

MacPhail talks payroll
They offered Teixeira $140M, what more do you want? -Stacey

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