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Sunday Lighter-Fare Bird Droppings

We all clipped the one major news item yesterday, so I have included commentary from everyone.

Commissioner plans to step down after 2012 --
Bud Selig has declined an overture from a group of baseball owners asking him to stay on after his contract ends in 2012, the Chicago Tribune reported, citing unnamed sources. -duck

So does this mean Andy MacPhail has until the end of the 2012 season to complete his work in Baltimore? -Stacey

I'd personally love to see MacPhail in the commissioner's office—assuming the Orioles have become contenders in three years, which I believe will happen—but would mourn the Orioles' loss of a GM. If we lose MacPhail, who would you want to take his place on the O's? -zk

...and in other news,

Halladay OK with deal to Yankees | News
I am shocked, shocked, to hear that Roy Halladay would reportedly waive his no-trade clause for a trade to the MFY. -zk.

Topper: Who the hell is that guy? 
Perryman: That's your Open Thread for the next thirteen weeks.