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Tuesday Bird Droppings

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Utley, Lee help Phils stave off Series elimination - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
The Phillies live to play game six, thanks to Chase Utley and the Yankees bullpen. -Stacey

MFY to partner with O's for concessions contract?
"(T)he Baltimore Orioles distributed an RFP with the goal of overhauling their ballpark concessions and merchandising operations. Their AL East rivals, the New York Yankees, are rumoured to be amongst the concessionaires interested in partnering with the Orioles." Seriously. Legends Hospitality Management, co-owned by the Evil Empire itself, has shown interest in the OPaCY concessions contract. -duck

Sarasota County rethinks growth
The plan to renovate Ed Smith Stadium for the Orioles is taking heat from multiple fronts. I've got a bad feeling about how this ends. -duck

Commissioners to hear more about ground under Ed Smith Stadium
" 'What we found was not only was there not a deficit, but taxable sales actually increase when spring training was cancelled. So it's irrefutable that there is no economic benefit to spring training. There's just -- it's not there,' says Cathy Antunes. who is a board member of Sarasota Citizens for Responsible Government." Right. People spend more money in Sarasota in March when there are no games there. Makes perfect sense. -duck

A look at the Frederick Keys 2009 Season
Steve Melewski breaks down the 2009 Keys with emphasis on the top position players. -Stacey

Meet the New Players Association Executive Director
Michael Weiner is taking over for Donald Fehr in December and will be keeping an eye on collusion, among other things. -Stacey

Curtis Granderson voted Marvin Miller Man of the Year
Curtis Granderson was voted such by ML players for his inspiring performance both on and off the field. I have to say there isn't much to dislike about Curtis Granderson -Stacey

O's on Deck: Arizona Fall League recap
Brandon Snyder had a good day, getting on base five times with four(!) walks, and Josh Bell added a hit and a walk as well. -Stacey

No, no, no, no. You gotta listen to the way people talk. You don't say "affirmative," or some [garbage] like that. You say, "No problemo." And if someone comes on to you with an attitude you say, "Eat me." And if you want to shine them on it's, "Hasta la vista, Open Thread."