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A look back at 2009, Camden Chat style.

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With postseason baseball still going on, there isn't much to talk about Orioles-wise beyond the minor moves that have been made in the past few days. I figure with 1 to 2 days of the baseball season remaining, it might be fun to take a look at the events of the 2009 Orioles seasons. Not a recap or analysis, really, as a ton of sites have already done that, but a look back at some memorable events and how they were perceived by our community. I had fun looking this stuff up and I hope you'll enjoy the walk down memory lane, although it may take you a few days.


December 2008

Dec 9th: O's dump Ramon Hernandez, paving the way for Matt Wieters

Dec 13th: Birdland's nightmare ends as the Orioles release Daniel Cabrera

Dec 23rd: Mark Teixeira signs with the Yankees

January 2009

Jan 2nd: Thanks to rumors from Roch, we all pretty much say goodbye to Brian Roberts.

Jan 6th: KOJI! KOJI! KOJI!

Jan 10th: In an effort to soothe the fanbase over not getting Teixeira, the Orioles sign ZAUN

Jan 18th: Nick Markakis signs a 6 year extension; O's fans rejoice over Nick's GreekFro

Jan 18th: O's trade for Felix Pie

Jan 29th: Brian Roberts gets hitched

Jan 30th: Kevin Millar sent packing

February and March 2009

Feb 20th: O's extend Brian Roberts

Feb 23rd: The Boooog Pows are gonna Boo Teixeira

Mar 17th: Brian Roberts is a True American Hero (and Derek Jeter is a pinko)

April 2009

Apr 1st: O's sign Pedro!

Apr 6th: O's win on Opening Day: Mark Teixeira gets treated like excrement in his home town

Apr 9th: Mark Teixeira continues to make people hate him

May 2009

May 1st: The name of John Gibbons is invoked as a Trembley replacement. Also here, here, here, here, and of course in all of these.

May 26th: Andy drops the bomb: Matt Wieters is coming!

May 26th: MASN treats us awesomely at Blogger's Night

May 29th: Matt Wieters debuts on what will surely become a Birdland National holiday.

June 2009

Jun 2nd: I create the dumbest headline ever

Jun 5th: Jamie Walker, Boy turns in his skillet

Jun 28th: BRIAN ROBERTS IS A LOLLYGAGGER. And a prima donna!

Jun 30th: It's Birdland Day! The O's erase a 9 run deficit and come back to beat the Red Sox 11-10.

July 2009

Jul 15th: Adam Jones' sac fly ensures home field advantage for the Yankees in the WS (and there's a cat fight in the comments)

Jul 31st: George Sherrill is traded to the Dodgers for Josh Bell and Dave Johnson's kid much to the delight of zknower.  Eat More Esskay sends Flat Breezy out of town in style with a killer Ode.

August 2009

Aug 4th: Brian Matusz makes his debut and beats the Tigers good, giving O's fans a glimpse of the future.

Aug 14th: Felix Pie hits for the cycle and wins over the masses

Aug 17th: Huff Daddy traded to Detroit

Aug 28th: Camden Chat goes Melmo Crazy

September 2009

Sep 8th: O's clinch their 12th straight losing season (and CC hates Canadians)

Sep 12th: Brian Matusz dominates the Yankees in his final start of 2009.

October 2009

Oct 1st: The Orioles beat the Rays 3-2 to win for the first time since Sep 16th, a span of 13 games.

Oct 4th: The O's season mercifully comes to an end with a sweep of the Blue Jays.