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Putting the 2009 Season to Bed

The New York Yankees are the World Champions for 2009, their 27th World Series win. Yup, they were the best team money could buy all right. Congrats to Jerry Hairston, Jr. at any rate.

With the 2009 season officially over we can now turn our attention to the Hot Stove and what Andy MacPhail will do to improve the Orioles for the 2010 season. I find the off season to be great and frustrating at the same time. The idea of trades and free agents and building a team is exciting, but sometimes it all seems so slow as we wait for Spring Training.

2010 is going to be a very big year for the Orioles development into a contender. The youngsters will have to show improvement and the front office will have to find ways to fill the holes. Next year is the time for getting better. Much better.

So let's get started! There are just 152 days until Opening Day.