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Sunday Bird Droppings

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Nothing much happening in the world of baseball so far this weekend, except for the Adam Jones Gold Glove rumor, which Roch and Schmuck also picked up. If it turns out to be true I'll celebrate Adam for getting the recognition, even if it does seem a little premature. After hearing the rumor I looked Adam up in my Bill James Handbook. While he is not in the top 10 for runs saved for center fielders and did not make the top 10 in the Fielding Bible Awards, he does have the highest range factor of all center fielders and he is number one in outfield arm runs saved and home run saving catches. Those catches are pretty flashy, and we know the people who select the GG winners love flash. -Stacey

Three plead guilty to stealing Baltimore Orioles' Cal Ripken Jr. monument
The other three brain surgeons have plead guilty. The Baltimore chapter of MENSA is reeling, I tell ya. -duck

Stadium Journey's Best Baseball Stadium: 2009 Edition | Bleacher Report
This blog ranked all the baseball stadia (yeah, I said stadia—DEAL WITH IT) and OPaCY came out on top. No surprise there to those of use who've always known. "Often imitated but never duplicated, it remains the touchstone on which all new ballparks are measured. Seventeen years later, they all still have a lot to live up to." -zk

Roch on the O's options
He names a few players for the O's to pick up, all of which I think are garbage. -Stacey

Billy Rowell's troubles 
Richie Hebner, manager of the Keys, talks about Rowell. Some of the highlights include "struggled hitting, not a good baserunner," "Billy will probably be forced to go to Double-A next year and we'll see what happens," and "He could work a little harder." Ouch. -Stacey

Like I said, slow news day in baseball. But it's Sunday, which means football. Games of interest to Camden Chatters:

  • The Ravens have a huge game against the Bengals in Cincinnati. I don't want to say it's a must win, but it's pretty much a must win. (Baltimore Beatdown)
  • The Redskins will try to get something going against the Falcons in Atlanta. Hey, any given Sunday, right? (Hogs Haven)
  • The Giants play the Chargers at home and are looking to end their three game losing streak. Rivers vs. Manning should be a good game. (Big Blue View)
  • The Saints try to improve to 8-0 against the Panthers at home. My guess is that they will. It's a hunch. (Canal Street Chronicles)
  • The Eagles and Cowboys have the night game in Philly and the winner will take sole possession of first place in the NFC East. (Bleeding Green Nation)
I think that covers the football preferences of almost everyone here, doesn't it? We do have a few Steelers fans, but they play tomorrow in Denver. Go Broncos!