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MLB Trade Rumors Predicts Delgado to the Orioles

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MLB Trade Rumors has released its list of the top 50 free agents for 2010 along with predictions where each will end up. They give the Orioles one player on the list: Carlos Delgado.

My first instict was, "Thanks, but no thanks." Delgado is old as the hills and he was injured most of last year. After I let it marinate for a few hours, though, I think I may be warming up to it just a bit. Don't get me wrong, it's not a signing that excites me, but it sort of goes along the same lines as signing Jim Thome. If he's healthy, Delgado will probably give you 25-30 HR and an OBP in the mid 300s. He'd be a risk given his injury last year but that might also make him 1) something of a bargain, and 2) willing to come to the Orioles because there isn't much of a market for him. His injury, by the way, was a labrum tear in his hip, similar to the injuries by Alex Rodriguez and Chase Utley, both of whom came back with no further problems (but neither of whom are 38 years old).

An argument against Delgado (and Thome, for that matter) is the fact that the Orioles have been pretty horrendous against left-handed pitching, and he doesn't provide much help in that area. While he has a career OPS of .806 against lefties, in the past few years they look more like this: .769, .752, .704, .789, and .965 (in just 26 games). While those are all higher than the Orioles team OPS of .691 against lefties, it's still not very impressive*. Even so, Delgado would still be an improvement as a 1B/DH.

So what say you? Yay or nay on Carlos Delgado?

*Also, just as aside, it's possible the O's will do better against LHP in 2010 just by virtue of not having Aubrey Huff (.650 OPS against LHP) and Melvin Mora (.690) in the lineup, not to mention possible bouncebacks by Nick Markakis (.682 OPS against LHP in '09, .843 in '08, and .751 career) and Ty Wigginton (.650 in '09, .840 career)