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2010 Hall of Fame Vote

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The Baseball Writers Association of America is in process of voting for this year's eligible retired players on their Hall of Fame worthiness. SB Nation is conducting a similar vote as they did with the RoY, Cy Young, etc. daveh873 and I will be voting in that one, but I thought it'd be fun to take a vote among Camden Chat members and compare the results to those of SBN and the BBWAA.

Here is the online ballot which includes all 26 eligible names. You can vote for up to ten players. You can vote for zero players if you like, but even if you think no one is worthy please still submit so it can count towards the total percentage. Ballots will be accepted until Christmas Day and the results will be released on 01/04/2010.

I've included below the jump all 26 players with a link to their Baseball Reference page. Have fun with this but give it a little thought. There are a lot of former O's on the list but try to remain objective (i.e. don't go voting for Todd Zeile because he hit 3 HR in the 1996 ALCS. Don't vote for him for any other reason either.)

Feel free to discuss your opinions and such in the comments as well, this doesn't have to be a secret ballot. If you think a borderline guy definitely should or should not get in feel free to give a case for or against him.

Complete list of eligible players. For those who are not on the ballot for the first time, their first year of eligibility is in parentheses.

  1. Roberto Alomar
  2. Kevin Appier
  3. Harold Baines (2007)
  4. Bert Blyleven (1998)
  5. Ellis Burks
  6. Andre Dawson (2002)
  7. Andres Galarraga
  8. Pat Hentgen
  9. Mike Jackson
  10. Eric Karros
  11. Ray Lankford
  12. Barry Larkin
  13. Edgar Martinez
  14. Don Mattingly (2001)
  15. Fred McGriff
  16. Mark McGwire (2007)
  17. Jack Morris (2000)
  18. Dale Murphy (1999)
  19. Dave Parker (1997)
  20. Tim Raines (2008)
  21. Shane Reynolds
  22. David Segui
  23. Lee Smith (2003)
  24. Alan Trammell (2002)
  25. Robin Ventura
  26. Todd Zeile