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Friday Bird Droppings

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Your Offseason O of the Day: <strong>Rick Dempsey</strong>. via <a href=""></a>
Your Offseason O of the Day: Rick Dempsey. via

O's Make Rule 5 Draft Picks, Complete Millwood Trade
Southpaw Ben Snyder from the Giants' system is the PTBNL in the Millwood-Ray trade.-zk

Orioles players applaud Millwood trade --
Brian Roberts, Brian Matusz, Jeremy Guthrie, and Nick Markakis all weigh in on the Orioles' signing of Kevin Millwood. -zk

O's to meet with Chapman's agents in Houston next week --
Stockstill, who met with Chapman and Mejia on Oct. 30 in New York, said nothing that the club has heard in its talks involving the player has discouraged the Orioles from moving forward with the hard-throwing left-hander. -zk

Baseball Notes: Former Phillie Feliz agrees to 1-year deal with Astros | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/11/2009
In case you missed it, former Phillies 3B Pedro Feliz agreed to a one-year contract with the Houston Astros. One less option for the O's. -zk

Getting to third base -
Roch says the 3B hunt is down to Kevin Kouzmanoff, Joe Crede, and possibly Garrett Atkins. "MacPhail seemed to dismiss [Dan] Uggla, preferring a natural third baseman....". Um, yay. -zk

O's on Deck: More information about Jose Duran
The O's took Duran during the AAA phase of the draft. The ERA looks ugly from last season, but the Winter League numbers look better. So there ya go. -duck

Dave Johnson on his son Steve getting taken in the Rule 5.
At some point I started really liking Dave Johnson, and this article doesn't hurt. -Stacey

Buck Martinez leaves Baltimore
After 7 years broadcasting for the Orioles, Buck Martinez will call Blue Jays games for Rogers Sports Net in 2010. Thanks for everything, Buck. No word on who will replace him. -Stacey

NFL News: Schwartz all business in return to Baltimore
"Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz began a conference call with Baltimore writers this week by turning things around and posing the opening question. "I want to know who the Orioles are going to pick up to play third base,'' Schwartz asked." Schwartz grew up in the Baltimore area and this will be his first visit to M&T Stadium as a NFL head coach when the Lions take on the Ravens. -duck's HoF Ballot
If you haven't already, go ahead and participate in Camden Chat's Hall of Fame vote. -Stacey