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Monday Bird Droppings

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This is short and fast as I have to get to work, not to mention I cannot find anything newsworthy. It's as though everyone involved in major league baseball took the day off yesterday to watch football. Here are the few things I managed to find. 

Luke Scott talks pitching
As in, he thinks they need more. He also wants to concede games against the #1 by throwing your #5 against him (interestingly, he labels Tillman as a #5).

What to do about Hernandez?
Jeff Zrebiec, believes David Hernandez belongs in the bullpen. Very insightful. 

Other than that, I got nothing. That makes today a build-your-own open thread. Post some links if you got 'em!

Sarasota leader has no regrets about Cubs
"Though (County Commissioner Joe) Barbetta still believes the Cubs could be a major economic boon for any city, he said he has no regrets signing up with the Orioles and missing a chance to bring in a team with one of the most loyal fan bases in the nation. "Not at the price we got with the Orioles," Barbetta said. The Orioles agreed to a $31 million renovation of Ed Smith Stadium." So there you go. -duck

Happy Holidays from the Hunters
"Holiday Greetings everyone. " Sure, there's more from Jim Hunter, but that's about all you need to read. -duck

No closer to a decision on a closer
Roch says: "Since the Orioles don't appear to be in any hurry to sign a closer, we can debate the merits of another one that hit the market yesterday, right-hander Matt Capps, who was non-tendered by the Pittsburgh Pirates." There's nothing else to do but go through possible trade/signing targets one by one in a week like this. -duck

SPORTS BRIEFS: Montgomery's Bass a baseball free agent
"Montgomery (Ala.) native Brian Bass was not offered a contract by the Baltimore Orioles by Saturday night's deadline, making the right-handed pitcher a free agent. Bass was 5-3 with a 4.90 ERA in 48 appearances for the Orioles this year. He's a Robert E. Lee High graduate." Because everyone has a home town. For some reason, I always want to read the hometown's paper description of events in a player's career. -duck

More Beef for Tillman
The O's want the lanky pitcher to put on a few pounds this off-season to help him build his strength. Oh, and add him to the list of hunters (not that I'm especially interested in that topic anymore). -Stacey

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way. Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse Open Thread!