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Thursday Bird Droppings

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See the articles below concerning the two newest Orioles and the rumors about Matt Holliday. Stick right here for the rest of the news. 

PressBox: Guthrie Hopes He Can Erase Dismal Summer Memories
"There's much to be learned from this season," said Guthrie. "I think you become a better player and a better pitcher through adversity and learning from mistakes. So that will be something that I attempt to do, maximize what I can take from this season." -zknower

Mike Gonzalez Potentially an Oriole | FanGraphs Baseball
FanGraphs weighs in on the Gonzalez signing. Basically the same things that were said in the thread last night. Will he stay healthy? Do the O's even need to be spending money on a closer? $6M is too much? -Stacey

Statue to honor Brooks --
Brooks Robinson is being honored with at statue created by the Baltimore Public Art Commission. Sounds great, except it gives me pause that it's being installed in the median between Pickles Pub and OPACY. Hopefully the drunks will be respectful. -Stacey

Orioles stadium details released |
The Orioles won't be completely tearing down Ed Smith Stadium and won't change the basic design of the stadium. Picture included! -Stacey

FanFest to be held Jan 23rd
The past few years FanFest has been held at OPACY just before the season started, but they've gone back to the old setup this year at the Convention Center. Go meet all your favorite O's. Maybe Garrett Atkins will be there! -Stacey

Sidney Ponson named's worst pitcher of the 2000s
The judge-punching, DWI-getting, hungover-pitching Sidney Ponson has been named the worst starting pitcher of the decade. As the article says, his numbers weren't the worst, but when you look at the entire package it's hard to argue. -Stacey

Steroid user Bigbie makes Ball State Hall of Fame
Larry Bigbie is being honored....ok then. -Stacey

Done: Phils get Doc; Lee to Mariners
The biggest trade of the off season is complete. Here's what everyone got: Philly lands Roy Halladay (and Roy lands a 3 year extension) and prospects Phillippe Aumont, JC Ramirez, and Tyson Gillies. Seattle gets Cliff Lee for one year. Toronto gets prospects Kyle Drabek, Travis d'Arnaud, and Brett Wallace. Oakland gets prospect Michael Taylor. Got it? Need a diagram? -Stacey

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