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Saturday Bird Droppings

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Hot Stove Around the League:  The Cubs are sending that pesky Milton Bradley to the Mariners for Carlos Silva, Nick Johnson is going to the Yankees on a one year deal, the Nationals aren't interested in Johnny Damon because they want good defense (I'm sure Johnny is crushed), and not many teams want Miguel Tejada as a SS so he may have to be willing to move to third. 

Orioles get great value in Mike Gonzalez
The Hardball Times thinks the O's got good value for their new closer. silverstadium posted this as a fanshot but people never look there so here it is again. -Stacey

Garrett Atkins to the Orioles | FanGraphs Baseball
FanGraphs evaluates the Garrett Atkins signing. Verdict? "Baltimore isn’t paying excessively for Atkins, and he won’t be blocking any prospects who might be ready for 2011. Way to bridge a gap, Mr. MacPhail." -Stacey

Did The Orioles Reach On Garrett Atkins? - Beyond the Box Score
BtB is of a slightly different opinion than FanGraphs on Mr. Atkins. -Stacey

MASN star search continues
No word on who will replace Buck Martinez, but rumored names of interest are Mike Flanagan, Billy Ripken, Brady Anderson, and Ken Singleton. Brady Anderson? Has he ever done that sort of thing before? -Stacey

Erbe gets a clean bill of health
Brandon Erbe's sprained pinky is healed and he's ready to get going on winter workouts. He hopes to start 2010 at AAA. I love a local kid, don't you? -Stacey

MacPhail satisfied for now | News
Andy MacPhail likely made his biggest splashes of the offseason over the last couple of weeks, when he traded for Kevin Millwood, signed Mike Gonzalez to a two-year deal and reached agreement on a one-year pact with Garrett Atkins.  -zk

Mike Gonzalez was officially announced on Friday and had his first press conference. Subsequently, was a veritable Gonzopalooza: Gonzalez Meets the PressMeet the Newest OrioleMore Gonzo, and Trembley Chimes In.  Requisite feel good quote from your newest Oriole: 

Looking at the lineup, seeing the core, these guys are not just young, but very talented guys. You look at the defense. I've got a great middle defense up in the front, the middle infield and the outfield. As a pitcher, that's what you want, that's what you look for. It seemed like a good fit for me.

They're exciting, they're young, they're very talented. And it's going to be a pleasure to work with these guys and be a part of it.

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