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Monday Bird Droppings: Post Snow Edition

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Not much O's news today, I'd expect it'll stay that way pretty much until the end of the year with Christmas and New Years right around the corner. Did everyone on the east coast enjoy their snowy weekend? I for one am annoyed that my work told me I have to go in today. Jerks. It was a good Sunday, though, other than the shoveling. The Ravens won, Miami, Denver, and the Jets lost. If only the Steelers hadn't pulled it out at the last second it would have been the perfect football day, don't you think? Although anyone who watched that last drive had to admit it was very exciting. Anyway, to baseball:

Brad Komminsk reviews Bowie's pitching
He talks about Arrieta, Bascom, Erbe, Steve Johnson, Lebron, Patton, Perrault, Tanaka, and Chad Thall. -Stacey

Two-minute drill -, North Andover, MA
This doesn't have to do with baseball, but this dude called the Buffalo Bills "a laughingstock, the Baltimore Orioles of the AFC East." Nice. -Stacey

A's close to deal to acquire Crisp - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
The A's and Coco Crisp have agreed on a one year deal with an option for 2011. Yes, this is considered news on a slow day like today. -Stacey

Saber-Slanted Last Minute Xmas Gifts - Beyond the Box Score
BtB offers some Christmas ideas for the baseball fan in your life. -Stacey

Six Baseball Books Worthy of Christmas Wrapping Paper - DRaysBay
DRaysBay offers some books for the baseball fan in your life. -Stacey

Edit (10:39 a.m.): This was posted on ESPN insider about an hour ago. I hope it will put all of the Adrian Gonzalez talk to bed:

Once the Red Sox landed free agent John Lackey last week, the rumor mill quickly had Boston looking into a deal for Adrian Gonzalez in which Clay Buchholz would be sent to San Diego.

There might be other teams able to put a package together for the star first baseman. Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe says the Baltimore Orioles could be players at some point since "they were in on Mark Teixeira last offseason and have the prospects to make it happen."

One executive cautioned that the Padres would ask for Matt Wieters or Brian Matusz, which would be too high a price for the O's.

Keep dreaming, Padres!

Only one thing in the world could've dragged me away from the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the Open Thread