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Tuesday Bird Droppings

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Orioles News

Atkins on the way
Garrett Atkins should be taking his physical in Baltimore today, which means he'll officially be an O by this evening. Try to contain your excitement. -Stacey

Orioles taking steps in the right direction
USA Today has nice things to say about the Orioles. It's good to hear but consider me skeptical of a writer who says, "Kevin Millwood isn't going to win another ERA title like he did in 2005 with the Indians, but he will give the O's a genuine No. 1 starter to battle the rest of the aces in the division." -Stacey

Trading Places
Per ACTA sports, the Orioles are the fifth best trading team of the 20th century. Check out Roch's post for the five best and five worst O's trades of the 20th century. -Stacey

Hot Stove Action

Ryota Igarashi to the Mets
The Mets signed the Japanese reliever to a 2 year, $3M contract. Igarashi hopes to be Frankie Rodriguez's setup man. -Stacey

Nats agree to two-year deal with Jason Marquis
The Nats signed Marquis for two years, $15M. So...good for them? I don't know. It's the Nats. -Stacey

Darren Oliver close to signing with Texas
The deal is for 1 year, $3.5M with an option for 2011. -Stacey

Indians Acquire Mitch Talbot; Sign Saul Rivera
The Indians received Mitch Talbot from the Rays for Kelly Shoppach and signed Saul Rivera to a minor league deal. -Stacey

Pitching options dwindling for Mets | News
Woe are the Mets! Nobody wants to play for them other than the deluded Japanese guy who thinks they're good. I'm sorry but the Mets crack me up. -Stacey

Yanks hit with $25.7M luxury tax
The Yankees are the only team to have to pay the luxury tax this year. The tax, combined with their payroll, means that the Yankees paid $245.7M for their World Series winning team in 2009, which is over $100M than the next closest team. -Stacey

I never thought it was such a bad little Open Thread. It's not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love.