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Christmas Eve Bird Droppings

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'I have a lot to prove' with Orioles, Atkins says
Garrett Atkins wants to show that he's not cooked. I know I'd like for him to do so. -Stacey

Roch being random
Roch throws out a few random facts from the Orioles media guide. My favorite: Cesar Izturis batted .335 in 46 wins and .199 in 68 losses. -Stacey

Melewski talks Moreland
Steve Melewski gives the goods on Kenny Moreland, the O's RHP who split time between Aberdeen and Frederick in 2009. -Stacey

Keith Law names the Bedard trade as the best of the decade
It's insider info, but here is a tidbit for those without access:

Jones has already shown flashes of greatness for Baltimore, although he has yet to do it for a full season. Sherrill gave the O's a good year and a half before they flipped him for Josh Bell, now their heir apparent at third base. Tillman looks like a No. 2 starter in waiting and reached the majors this year at age 21. Bedard, of course, made just 30 starts in two years, during which time he got hurt … and got hurt again … and then ended his tenure as a Mariner with another injury that will take him out into 2010.

GM Andy MacPhail sold high on Bedard and took advantage of a desperate GM -- the best trading partner there is -- to add the equivalent of three first-round picks to his system. The trade changed the fortunes of two franchises, including one front office, and for that it earns Trade of the Decade honors.

Cal Ripken Jr. gets ejected Vs WhiteSox 1997
Have fun watching this video of Cal getting ejected from a game in 1997, but try not to get too sad at the sight of all those fans. -Stacey

Path of the Pros: Nick Markakis
Nicky recounts his time in the minor leagues. He was homesick! Aw. -Stacey

Waters runs dry
The Chris Waters era in Baltimore is over as the lefty signed a minor league deal with the Milwaukee Brewers. The NL Central could end up being a good fit for him. Good luck Chris, and thanks for this, this, and this.

Michael Aubrey happy about Orioles' moves | Shreveport Times
You know, I was just wondering what Michael Aubrey thinks of the Orioles moves so far this winter. -Stacey

And in Hot Stove news...The Braves signed Troy Glaus to a 1 year deal. It'll be interesting to compare his salary to Atkins'. The Blue Jays traded Brandon League for Brandon Morrow. I don't really get that on the Mariners end, do you? The Mets finally find someone willing to pitch for them, signing R.A. Dickey to a minor league deal. The Angels have given Fernando Rodney a 2 year, $11M contract, which seems absurd. Similar to the Mike Gonzalez contract (which I also thought was too high), but Rodney is not a good pitcher. The Phillies appear to be on the verge of signing our old friend Danys Baez, and the Royals continue signing players that don't really matter by giving a 1 year deal to Brian Anderson.