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New Years Eve Bird Droppings

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Like me, Nolan is just sitting around waiting for the arrival of spring and baseball. (© Andrew Markowitz)
Like me, Nolan is just sitting around waiting for the arrival of spring and baseball. (© Andrew Markowitz)

I hope everyone has a lovely and safe New Years Eve and New Years Day. Here's to 2010 in Birdland. -Stacey

Mike Bordick rejoins Orioles organization -
The Orioles signed a one-year deal with former shortstop Mike Bordick this month to become its new minor league offensive coordinator. Bordick, 44, will be responsible for working with the club's prospects on offensive fundamentals such as base running, bunting and situational hitting. Sounds good to me! -Stacey

To: Birdland; Love, Orioles Front Office
Amber says spend spend spend! -Stacey

Suit unlikely to stop Sarasota stadium |
More drama regarding the O's new spring training home. Public officials in cahoots! Private meetings! Sigh. I can't wait until baseball starts. -Stacey

Carroll County's Top 10 Sports Stories of 2009
"8. Orioles' cavalry arrives in hot young prospects." Yeah that is big, but not big enough to top Century High School's Katie Schwarzmann becoming Carroll County's girls lacrosse all-time leader in goals. Good to know. -Stacey

Scott Boras' favorite shill tries to sell the O's as contender in the Holliday sweepstakes.
That shill being, of course, Jon Heyman, who says "'The Orioles are laying in the weeds on this,' according to a person familiar with Baltimore's thinking." -Stacey

The Washington Times says goodbye to sports
Mark Zuckerman reflects on his time covering the Orioles and D.C. sports over the past 9 years as the Washington Times made the decision to eliminate its sports section altogether. -Stacey

Prospectus Q&A: Best Q&A Quotes of 2009
If you subscribe to BP you're probably familiar with their weekly quotes list; it's one of my favorites. And look!
David DeJesus subscribes to the rally killing school of thought. -Stacey

"The more guys that get on base, those are the times you have big innings. You’d rather have three or four base hits than two guys on and than a home run, because that stops the inning right there." —David DeJesus, September 2009 

The proper behavior all through the holiday season is to be drunk.  This drunkenness culminates on New Year's Eve, when you get so drunk you kiss the Open Thread you're married to.