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Monday Bird Droppings

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Your (Minor League) Off-Season O of the Day: <a href="">Sherman the Shorebird at the Salisbury Christmas Parade.</a>
Your (Minor League) Off-Season O of the Day: Sherman the Shorebird at the Salisbury Christmas Parade.

Trembley's begging for a bat

     "We still have one piece missing, we need a bat. We need that in the middle of the lineup, a proven bat that can hit behind Markakis and ahead of whoever is fifth and sixth," said Dave Trembley to MASN's Steve Melewski. And if I was Diamond Dave, I'd be asking for the same thing. -duck

What will the Orioles do? --
Armed with an extensive list of needs and ample payroll flexibility, the Orioles ' top decision-makers will descend on Indianapolis this week for baseball's annual winter meetings. Jeff Zrebiec's article is the umpteenth one yo've seen about the Os' needs this offsseason. -zk

This week’s meetings teem with possibilities - The Boston Globe

     The Globe also thinks we need 1B and 3B help and a starter and possibly a closer. They also think the O's have the talent to trade for a stud. So, in other words, their reporters can use Google News as well as I can. -duck

Team-by-team AL winter meetings outlook 

     Team-by-team AL winter meetings outlook by Fox News. Learn such new revelations like the O's want a front-line starter and a corner infield help! But I swear, I feel like I've read this before...Oh,. wait. Only in every Hot Stove roundup done for the past month. That's where! -duck

Uehara willing to pitch in any role

     "(Koji) Uehara told one of the Japanese reporters here that he'll do whatever the Orioles want - start, close, set-up." Roch says Uehara has been cleared to begin light tossing back in Japan. -duck

Pioneering leadership may net Hall spots

     Andy MacPhail is a member of the 12-member electorate for the Executives/Pioneers ballot. He's got some interesting decisions to make besides who should play 1B and 3B until June for the Orioles in the upcoming week. -duck

MacPhail can wait; fans can't

     Peter Schmuck is worried that Andy MacPhail won't throw red meat to the fans by making a trade during the Winter Meetings. He's worried that a trade later in the winter from a then-depleted talent pool won't be enough. I think Andy MacPhail knows a hell of a lot more about what the O's should do than Schmuck does. -duck  (Or to put it another way, Schmuck once again reminds us why he's lucky someone pays him to write a column. Thank your lucky stars he doesn't work in the Orioles' front office. -zk)

A little outside advice

     Roch says: "A scout from another organization was pushing for the Orioles to dip into their surplus of pitching prospects and acquire the big bat that they need. He reminded me that it wasn't so long ago that we were hyping the likes of Matt Riley, Hayden Penn, Daniel Cabrera and Adam Loewen." Take a moment to compare the minor league accomplishments of the two sets of pitchers, and I think you'll see the value of this advice. -duck

Tides' Young named minors' top executive

     "Norfolk Tides president Ken Young has been named Minor League Executive of the Year by Baseball America." Another accolade for the Orioles resurgent minor league system. -duck

Maryland Politics - Angelos confirms possible interest in Laurel, slots
A group led by Baltimore Orioles owner Peter G. Angelos is considering making a bid to buy Laurel Park racetrack with the hope of securing a slot-machine license if plans fall through to build a casino at Arundel Mills mall. -zk

I'm glad he took our presents. You can't hurt Christmas, Mr. Mayor, because it isn't about the... the gifts or the contest or the fancy lights. That's what Cindy's been trying to tell everyone... and me. I don't need anything more for Christmas than this right here: my Open Thread