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Tuesday Bird Droppings

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All the dish regarding the first day of the meetings.....a lot of it focusing on Millwood.

O's eye pitchers at start of meetings --
The Orioles' focus on Day One of baseball's winter meetings was on trying to upgrade a pitching staff that has been one of the worst in baseball. Team officials met with the Texas Rangers on Monday to discuss a potential deal for veteran pitcher Kevin Millwood, and Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail also confirmed that the team is in possession of the medical records of free-agent starter Erik Bedard. -zk

Rangers' pitching depth draws interest | News
The Rangers usually go into the Winter Meetings looking hard for pitching. Now they have teams coming to them for pitching, especially the young guys. -zk

Ex-Chicago players popular at winter meetings - Chicago Breaking Sports
You know how MacPhail likes his Chicago guys. The Trib says he's shown an interest in Kevin Gregg and Rich Harden. -zk
Roch's Monday evening interview with Andy MacPhail. -zk

MacPhail: Bedard under consideration
Schmuck's take on the 6pm MacPhail presser. He also blogs that the Orioles' interest in Millwood is pretty serious. -zk

Los Angeles Dodgers getting rid of ace reliever George Sherrill?
"Now the word from FOXSports is that the Dodgers have Sherrill up on the trading block." Yes, Yahoo! Sports is reporting Fox Sports is reporting Sherrill might be available. MSNBC says this is because the Dodgers are broke. And I guess the next story will be ESPN with a report claiming they are breaking the news. -duck

O's to meet again with Chapman team
"The Orioles will meet with the representatives for Cuban pitcher Aroldis Chapman before leaving Indianapolis. They've had discussions with Alan Hendricks over the past few weeks in sort of a start-over process after Chapman switched agents." -duck

More names floated as signing possibilities for O's
"The Orioles maintain interest in first baseman Carlos Delgado, who is expected to begin playing in Puerto Rico later this week. And they also are keeping an open dialogue with Sam Levinson, who represents third baseman Pedro Feliz." -duck  

And in other news....

The Cardinals nail down Brad Penny in a one-year deal, The Nats ink Pudge for two, the Tigers re-up with Adam Everett, and Pavano, Soriano, and Betancourt all accepted arbitration.The Orioles are one team rumored to have interest in Soriano, which makes you wonder where he would play, exactly.

If you want a whole lot more buzz, John Heyman is following a number of stories.

The Schmuck Stops Here: Herzog, Harvey headed to Cooperstown
"The Hall of Fame Veterans Committee just held a press conference to announce that long-time manager Whitey Herzog and umpire Doug Harvey will be part of the baseball Hall of Fame's class of 2010." Andy MacPhail has one of his duties out of the way for the week. -duck

Put me in, Coach - I'm ready to; Look at me, I can be....Open Thread.