Roch Kubatko calls out friend of Camden Chat for fisticuffs on Opening Day!

FanPost frontpaged by SC, your Cobra Commander, who thinks blog wars are funny, and that Roch is a pansy with stale material. BRING IT ON!!!! (I don't want to fight Roch. I'd whoop him, though. F'real. Knock him out.)

For the record, since it's only fair, I have to assume that Roch lives in his mother's basement and stares at posters of Anita Marks. Because he's a blogger now. Srsly. -- SC, Hadouken!

FURTHER UPDATE BY SC: I was pretty sure people could tell I wasn't very serious, and that KDFC is mostly just talking about this because it's kind of weird, but if you're one of the few that missed the ship, no, no one is serious. No one wants to go into pugilism with Roch. Roch could probably beat me up. Roch is a more credible journalist than me. And his opinion that Alex Rodriguez "came clean" and deserves props for it is still stupid.

20540264_medium Okay, here's the skinny. Google "Roch Kubatko." Go to the 5th result: it is my blog, a post I wrote after Roch slobbered all over Jay Gibbons while defending him after he admitted to using 'roids.For the sake of convenience, here's a link.

Yes it was mean, but I felt it was warranted. Gibbons was pretty evasive and morally standoffish about steroids, then tried to claim that he took them under doctor's orders. All this while committing the unforgivable sin of being a crappy baseball player.

Today, defending A-Rod, Roch says this:

"At the risk of being slammed again after praising Jay Gibbons 14 months ago for his admission of guilt - one loser called me a jock-sniffing turd while blogging from his parents' basement and trying to work up the nerve to kiss a girl - I'll give Rodriguez credit for finally coming clean."

Again, a link to the whole post.

He must google himself, or be particularly sensitive. I still feel his defense of Gibbons was inexcusable journalism. The thing I can't figure out is whether to respond as, you know, just another loser blogger.

MORE from the comments:

My mom? Doesn’t have a basement.
Me? Called Roch a jock sniffing turd from an apartment in Northern Virginia.
Me again? Often kissed by my wife.
Me yet again? Still blogging a bit.
Roch’s jokes? Still lame, still tired. This marks at least the four-hundred-thousandth use of the “blogger living in mom’s basement who can’t kiss a girl.”

Opening Day is April 6. Please stop by the front of the press box and introduce yourself. In the meantime, thanks for reading. As always. – Roch

Note, he DID cut out part of my comment; I also asked how it felt to Google yourself and get my blog post as the 5th result.

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