I'm going to be in an Orioles Commercial

Just letting everyone at Camdenchat know that we not only have the fifty millionth fan, we're also having one of our own star in an Orioles commercial. At least I think it's going to be an Orioles commercial.

I got the call on monday that I was chosen to star in this spot where I tell my story of going to an Orioles game last year. (It was the giant comeback against the Tigers where Luke hit a walk-off/the Orioles Magic DVD giveaway game) They contacted me because of a comment I made on this very blog about going to that game. 

When I went to the studios on Falls Road, I was lucky enough to meet another Camden Chatter, Brotz 13 there, and we preceded to talk alotta football while dressed in our Orioles gear.

I don't really have an idea of how many Orioles spots MASN is running like this though I do know there will be a National's version, too. I'm not completely sure if this is a TV ad, though they told me to condense my story to within thirty seconds at the audition, so I'm assuming so. I even told them, that while I knew the checks they got had Peter Angelos' name on them, i still think he's a godawful owner.

Not much else to report on. So, if you see a husky jewfroed man talking about the Orioles during games, thats probably me.


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