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Steve Bechler: 1979-2003


It was six years ago yesterday that pitcher Steven Scott Bechler died in Fort Lauderdale during the opening days of Orioles spring training. He was just 23.

For those of you who might be younger readers and don't know the story of Steve Bechler, he died as a result of heat stroke brought on in part by the now-banned ephedra herbal supplement, which was briefly a big thing for people trying to lose weight and boost their energy.

Steve was an expectant father at the time of his death, and his daughter Hailie now lives with her mother, Kylie, and her new husband. Dan Connolly did a wonderful article on Bechler's legacy last year.

Steve never got the chance to become memorable on the field, but he'll always be an Oriole. We would be wrong to forget him, no matter how short his stay.