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Luke Scott wants to use his glove, too

Luke_scott_medium First of all, what may or may not actually be Luke Scott's Myspace page. Get ready for green.

Luuuuuke still wants to play left field:

Once or twice a week can be a welcome break, but Scott says he doesn't want to DH for 130 games.

Manager Dave Trembley says he's not ready to commit to anything this early. He expects to play Scott some in the outfield and could even ask him to begin taking ground balls at first base.

Scott says he enjoys playing for Trembley and feels the team has always been honest with him, so he doesn't want to make any waves as the Orioles embark on a new season.

Anything can happen in six weeks, but if the season opens with Scott in the DH role, he says he'll be on board.

What this translates to:

Luke doesn't want to be a full-time DH. Most guys don't. Your David Ortiz and Frank Thomas and Edgar Martinez types seem OK with it, but even Jason Giambi wants to be on the field. And in those cases we're talking about lumbering guys that only have first base as an option, not a fairly athletic guy who can play outfield without embarrassing himself or the team.

Luke also isn't going to pull a Jay Payton or anything about it. I'm sure if Felix Pie is out there making Web Gem catches, the dude will abide.