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Rich Hill the Oriole: Pretty sneaky, Andy

With stunning artistry that would fool the untrained eye, I have used Pixelmator to turn this Rich Hill Cubs card into a Rich Hill Orioles card.


See if you can spot the altered parts!

I also reached out and landed an interview with one of my favorite bloggers: Me.

Q: How do you feel about the Rich Hill acquisition?

A: I like it.

Q: Why?

A: Hill has genuine talent and the Orioles have no starting pitchers.

Q: Yes, but he does have a command problem. Is this worrisome for you?

A: Duhr. But what were they going to do, start Brian Burres? He has a command problem, too. Everyone they're talking about has a command problem except Guthrie and, in theory, Uehara.

Q: Is it true that Andy MacPhail still wishes he was with the Chicago Cubs?

A: Apparently.


So, I like the trade. A lot, in fact. I do worry a bit that Andy is going to send the Cubs Forget-Me-Nots on the 14th, and that if push came to shove he'd trade Nick Markakis for Corey Patterson and Mark Prior, but this also makes me like the Felix Pie acquisition more. I'd rather be gambling on Rich Hill than Garrett Olson, plus now we have Felix Pie.

Pie and Hill would've cost us Brian Roberts a year ago.

Pretty sneaky, sis.