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Beyond the Boxscore hosting live chat at 2pm ET

Boxscore_medium The SB Nation sabermetrics blog Beyond the Boxscore will be hosting a live chat today at 2pm ET, so if you're a numbers dork, are bored and wanna talk some baseball, or just want to spam them with questions about Rich Hill's command problems or Felix Pie's offensive upside, totally feel free to do that. In fact, someone go over there and ask them over and over about Rich Hill. They might point you to Driveline Mechanics.

Other ideas for questions:

  • Bug them about "consistency." It doesn't matter the player.
  • Nick Markakis' 2008 walk rate: live or Memorex?
  • The outlook on Brian Roberts' value over the next three-to-five years.
  • The massive, positive effect of Melvin Mora's love affair with bunting runners up to second base.
  • Aubrey Huff's best season in years came sans goatee. Coincidence?
  • What statistical effect losing Kevin Millar's good cheer will have on the 2009 Orioles. He led the league in ^5/TRS. (High five per teammate run scored.)
  • Matt Wieters: greatest catcher to ever live?
  • Wins: great pitching statistic, or the greatest pitching statistic?