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Bird Droppings: Orioles Links for 03/13/09

Roch has some talkin' with Rick Kranitz, who does the usual pitching coach BS. On Mark Hendrickson:

I really like what I saw. No. 1, he threw strikes, and his stuff really plays.

Mark Hendrickson will turn 35 years old in June, is coming off of a hideous year with Florida, and has a career ERA+ of 89. I think there is some value in Hendrickson in that he can give you mop-up innings, but let's call a spade a spade here. I'd prefer nothing be said at all about Hendrickson, since we all know there's not much nice to say. It was a bargain bin pickup. Nobody grabs Maximum Overdrive out of the $5 DVD bin at FYE and freaks out about it. It's just neat to have it. OK, I freaked out about it. Maximum Overdrive > Mark Hendrickson.

NumerOlogy has a complete rundown of the spring training roster and their numbers, and such interesting tidbits as what numbers Robby "Banana" Hammock has worn in the past, and the information on who's wearing the hilarious #69. Scott Moore is #26 this spring, and I enjoy the description of the non-Boog 26s as a "parade of schlubs."

The All-Kevins featuring Kevin Brown.

The Loss Column projects George Sherrill will close. Nooooo.

I missed this one from last week. Remember the minor league player that was traded for ten bats last year? Funny story. He died of an overdose of heroin, methamphetamine, alcohol and benzylpiperazine. His name is John Odom. He played his college ball at Oklahoma State, was drafted by the Giants, and later was traded for ten maple bats, which made headlines and caused him to quit the team he was traded to shortly after the deal when the heckling and such got to be too much. Dan Shwam, who managed Odom last season, said he has no doubt the trade story really bothered the player. It's not like the trade would be solely to blame; by all accounts he was a troubled guy with a bad past. But I'm sure it didn't help. It made him a laughingstock. I wouldn't expect to see another funny trade made any time soon.

Dempsey's Army gives props to Eugene Kingsale, who has been one of the stars for the awesome Netherlands team. I'm even kinda rooting for Sir Sid at this point. That team came to play.

Ann Copland doesn't like the food. Ackkk.

Warning Track Power's "How 'Bout Dem O's?" -- yes. Yes yes yes. Hat tip to The Wayward O. I seriously can't enough of this song. Rules. COME ON BIRDS! Spread the news, y'all.