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Madness Chatter Day 4—3/22 Plus WBC Japan vs. USA

And a belated Happy Spring! to everyone. 

I do a slightly different bracket thing for the tourney every year. Me and three other guys each draft 16 teams on Tuesday night. Then, as the tourney goes on, you get points for each victory: 1st round victories are worth 2, 2nd round 3, and anything after the first weekend is worth 4. Any upset where the seed differential is >3 is worth an extra 2 pts. 

Winner gets $20 from each of the other 3, except since we all live in different cities now, no one ever pays. 

Going into today's games, I'm leading in points and I already have three teams in the Sweet 16: Duke, Gonzaga and Purdue. I have Louisville, Arizona State, and Missouri in play today. My odds of having 5 teams standing at the end of the day are pretty good. I like my chances. 

It's a fun, if slightly different, way to follow the tournament. I usually do a few traditional brackets as well, but never got around to it this year.

[Note by Stacey, 03/22/09 8:12 PM EDT ] In case anyone wants to chat up tonight's WBC, let's use this thread as well. Might as well not let it go to waste! Brian Bob just led off the game with a home run. Love him!