Interesting article on Eutaw Street homeruns


8 new plaques have been added to Eutaw Street this offseason. Here is the list: Jason Giambi (Yankees) on 5/27/08 - 415 ft. Jason Giambi (Yankees) on 5/28/08 - 410 ft. Nick Markakis (Orioles) on 6/14/08 - 395 ft. Lance Berkman (Astros) on 6/18/08 - 430 ft. Alex Gordon (Royals) on 7/1/08 - 425 ft. Luke Scott (Orioles) on 7/19/08 - 420 ft. Robinson Cano (Yankees) on 8/22/08 - 425ft. Luke Scott (Orioles) on 9/8/08 - 415 ft. [Editor's note (zach): I'm pretty ticked off about this because of what's at the end of the thread. And I pose the question: am I being unreasonable and thin-skinned and should have just bought a media guide? Or is this yet another sad indication of how Angelos and the organization he has built really don't care about the loyal fanbase.? You tell me, I welcome your input. Seriously.]