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BOHMSS 2K9: The Stunning Conclusion, Pt. 1

This is an idea I truly did love but just did not have the time to do as well as I wanted to. For that, I apologize. I'm just going to finish this up so that it at least has a conclusion. I've learned now that a similar idea would be best executed in November, assuming the Orioles don't win the World Series or something.


First Round
The Dukes of Earl (1-1970) def. Jimmie's Jammers (16-1954), 4-1
Reganomics (9-1995) def. Billy Hitchcock Presents (8-1963), 4-2
Davey's Goliaths (5-1997) def. Diamond Dave and the Stars of Today (12-2008), 4-3
The Richards-Harris Express (4-1961) def. Grover Sings the Blues (13-2002), 4-0
The Oatesimate Warriors (6-1992) def. Mazilli's Mooks (11-2004), 4-1
The Advantageous Advancement of Altobelli (3-1983) def. Sam's Town (14-2006), 4-0
Devil Ray's Team (10-1999) def. Robby's Near Miracles (7-1989), 4-1
The Bauer-y Boys (2-1966) def. The Ripken Family (15-1987), 4-1

The Dukes of Earl def. Reganomics, 4-1
The Richards-Harris Express lead Davey's Goliaths, 3-2
The Oatesimate Warriors def. The Advantageous Advancement of Altobelli, 4-1
Devil Ray's Team def. The Bauer-y Boys, 4-1

So now you're caught up. Let's hack away.

Quarterfinal Finish:

Game Six: Davey's Goliaths 4, The Richards-Harris Express 3

Notes: No scoring until the seventh, when Cal hit a solo shot. In the bottom of the same inning, the RHE went up 3-1. In the eighth the RHE turned it over to Wilhelm, who blew the game with three runs allowed in the top of the eighth. Randy Myers shut it down for his sixth save of the tournament (in seven Goliaths wins, no less) in the ninth, and the series was tied.

Game Seven: Davey's Goliaths 4, The Richards-Harris Express 3 (Davey's Goliaths win the series, 4-3)

Notes: Two straight seven game series to lead into the showdown with Earl Weaver's boys, where it will essentially be teacher versus student. Brady hit a leadoff homer for the Goliaths, who went up 4-2 in the top of the fifth thanks to a two-run shot from Anderson, and they were able to piece it together with the 'pen. Save No. 7 for Randy. Also worth noting that neither Cal nor Brady had homered in the tournament prior to these two games.



(1) The Dukes of Earl v. (5) Davey's Goliaths

Game One: The Dukes of Earl 9, Davey's Goliaths 1

Notes: Was actually a close game going into the home half of the eighth inning, when the Dukes struck for seven runs, including an Ellie Hendricks grand salami and a three-run shot from Frank.

Game Two: The Dukes of Earl 10, Davey's Goliaths 3

Notes: It's enough to make you think after two games that this simulator knows the Goliaths would likely be out of gas after two grueling rounds, compared to the Dukes who won both of their first two series in five. Johnson's team was up 2-1 early, but four in the fourth, one each in the fifth and sixth, and three more in the seventh. McNally improves to 5-0 for the tournament.

Game Three: Davey's Goliaths 1, The Dukes of Earl 0

Notes: Ripken singled home Palmeiro in the sixth inning. That's your scoring. Jimmy Key (game seven hero in the quarters) went seven and Randy Myers got another save.

Game Four: Davey's Goliaths 19, The Dukes of Earl 9

Notes: WHOA. Hold on now. Easy, fellas. This got as bad as 16-4 and 19-5 before the Dukes put four on the board in the ninth to make it seem remotely competitive. The Goliaths are lovin' that home cookin'.

Game Five: Davey's Goliaths 5, The Dukes of Earl 2

Notes: Seriously, come on. If the actual '97 Orioles had a flair for the dramatic and improbable like this we'd be talking about the '97 World Champs. This one was put away late on a couple eighth inning runs from the Goliaths, giving Johnson a chance for an "easy" ninth save of the tourney. And back to Memorial Stadium in 1970 we go!

Game Six: The Dukes of Earl 5, Davey's Goliaths 2

Notes: Erickson took his fourth L of the tournament. The Dukes keep the Home Team Wins streak alive in this series and force game seven. Most unsettling for the Goliaths is that Davey Johnson went 2-for-4 with two RBIs for the Dukes.

Game Seven: The Dukes of Earl 3, Davey's Goliaths 2 (11 innings)

Notes: Well you couldn't ask for much better of a game seven. Jimmy Key and Jim Palmer brought it, the bullpens were good, and it went 11 dramatic innings. Again unsettling for the Goliaths: This game was tied up in the eighth when Davey Johnson hit a ground ball that should've been an inning-ending double play, but he beat the throw to first and a run scored as a result. Frank Robinson singled in pinch-runner Curt Motton in the bottom of the 11th for the win. Goodbye, Goliaths. (Would've been better if I got to say, "Goodbye, Earl!")

COMING LATER: (6) The Oatesimate Warriors v. (10) Devil Ray's Team