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GameThread: Rays (2-1) @ Orioles (2-1)


Welcome the defending American League champions to Baltimore, everyone. Isn't it still just a LITTLE weird?

Game time is 7:05.

The Rays will be going with righty Andy Sonnanstine (13-9, 4.38/1.29 last year). We're countering with a former Devil Ray, lefty Mark Hendrickson (7-8, 5.45/1.47 in '08 with the Marlins).

Hendo is 2-4 with a 4.83 ERA in 41 innings against Tampa Bay lifetime, but that's not exactly the Tampa Bay of today. That's the old Tampa Bay. The O's hit .302 off of Sonnanstine in two starts last season.

The big guy today? Another former Ray, Aubrey Huff. In his career, Huff has demolished his former team to the tune of .315/.369/.662 with 11 homers and 26 RBI in 35 games. Those are nasty, nasty numbers. Last year they held him in check a little (.269/.310) but he still hit four jacks and slugged .567, and he came up with the clutch -- oh I said it -- hits.

Huff also hit .455/.571/1.091 in our three-game series with the Astros. Note to management: If Aubrey Huff leaves the team and we face him in the future, pitch around. Pitch around.