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Patton returns with a win for Bowie

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From Roch:

Pitching for the first time in more than a year, left-hander Troy Patton shut out Akron on three hits over five innings tonight in Double-A Bowie's rain-delayed 3-0 victory.

Patton walked three batters, including two in the first inning, but Akron failed to score when Jeff Fiorentino threw out Carlos Rivero at the plate on Nick Weglarz's single.

The win was Patton's first since Aug. 7, 2007. He underwent surgery last spring to repair a torn labrum.

Good for him. Patton was the highest-upside player we picked up in the Tejada trade, and I know a lot of us are still hoping he can be part of the rotation, even as soon as this season.

Also, did you know Jeff "Screech" Fiorentino is with Bowie this year? Now you do. I wonder if he hits there if people will start freaking out about him like with Montanez.

I joke. Keep the lid on the can of worms.

Also from Roch:

When Trembley visited the mound in the sixth inning after Carlos Pena singled, Hendrickson said "Dave, I gave it everything I had." That confirmed what Trembley already knew had to be done. He brought in Danys Baez to face Pat Burrell.

"I knew it was the right time to get him out of there," Trembley said.

Countdown to the questions about Hendo's toughness start now.