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GameThread: Rays (2-2) @ Orioles (3-1)


We've got Guts going against a big ol' hoss, name o' Jeff Niemann (6'9", 280). Niemann threw five games for the Rays last year (two starts), going 2-2 with a 5.06 ERA. This is really his shot to stick before David Price inevitably comes for his job. He was the No. 4 pick of the 2004 draft out of Rice.

The O's faced him twice last season. In his big league debut on April 13, he went six innings and got the W. In September he faced the Birds in relief and got knocked around a bit, but wound up with another W (yes, both of his wins came against us) because of Tampa Bay's six-run eighth inning.

Against Niemann, Markakis homered and Adam Jones struck out three times.