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GameThread: Rays (2-3) @ Orioles (4-1)


Happy Easter. Hope no one has the hangover I'm sure to. I'm writing this at about 1:27am so that it is at least comprehensible.

Adam Eaton (4-8, 5.80/1.64 with Philly last year) makes his O's debut today at 1:35 ET. If ever there was a day to pray to zombie Jesus, it's today. (Note: I'm not mocking anything or anyone. Please do not take it that way. I only say this because I know we have an eclectic readership now. Thanks.)

Eaton will be opposed by James Shields, who was roughed up by the Red Sox in his first 2009 start. He's a quality arm.

Isn't it weird to really have little against a front-running AL East team? I just wanna beat 'em.